The Cellar


The winery was founded in 1956, more than 60 years ago in the Prado de Miño village. Specifically in the area "Casal da Cal", farm from which the vast majority of the grapes with which they work, the rest of the varieties come from nearby farms.

The philosophy of Terra Minei wines is to return to the origins of Ribeiro, a wine that was a reference in Spain and in all the acts of European monarchies from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. His name, Terra Minei, refers to his place of origin Tierra del Miño in Latin.



The procedure of the work techniques respects the methodology of the traditional elaboration combining tradition with technology to optimize the results. The essence of the varieties and their potential is preserved thus achieving a traditional but avant-garde product.

After a long experience in the production of plurivarietal wine with native grapes such as treixadura, godello, albariño and a small percentage of palomino (Lagar de Brais), in 2004 it starts, with the advice of oenologist José M. Mtnez. Juste the production of a monovarietal of treixadura. A fine aromatic white wine, Terra Minei, is thus obtained.

Terra Minei


This monovarietal was one of the pioneers in elaborating with 100% treixadura grapes, since until now, the conventional in O Ribeiro was the elaboration of plurivarietales.

It has achieved success in numerous official national and international competitions, treasuring a large number of awards and prizes.

Our wines are sold throughout Spain, Ribeiro being the reference in the best prestige stores. Internationally we are present in different parts of Europe, USA and Canada.

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